Taste Plus MOTOEI 26cm/3.3L Non Stick Ceramic Pan with Cover Lid ILAG CERAMIC Coating Minimalist Style Cookware Wooden Spatula Wok Wooden Shovel Free Gift Kuali Masak Bitcraft
Price RM189.00
Product SKU BC-TP-MOTOEI-FryingPan26cm
Brand Taste Plus
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm
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  • Winner of Red Dot Award 2017, Contemporary Good Design Award 2017 & Successful Design Award 2017.
  • The Motoei Series is Endorsed by Michelin 3-Star Chef, Vito Bellomo.
  • Product Information⬇️
  • Diameter/Capacity : 26cm/3.3L
  • Light-weight Without Lid 900g/ With Lid 1200g
  • Coating⬇️
  • PFOA-Free, ILAG® Ceramic Coating
  • Adopt Ag+ Antibacterials Technology. 
  • Exceptional Hardness Diamond Non-stick Coating
  • Good Resistance to Scratches,
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance and Extraordinary Long-lasting Non-stick Effect.
  • The Good Non-stick Properties Help to Easily Clean.
  • Body⬇️
  • Multi-layer Composite Induction Base, Ensures Fast Heat Distribution & Less Oil Fumes.
  • Support All Stoves Include Induction Cooker, Radiant Ring, Ceramic, Electric and Gas.
  • Both Side have Beak-style Pot Mouth for Poring Out Easily
  • Thermal Technology Silicone Ring, A Safety Reminder to Prevent Accidental Burns.
  • Handle⬇️
  • Bavarian Beech Wooden Knob and Handle Imported From German.
  • Solid Wood With Well Polished To Ensure A Delicate Surface, and Feel Comfortable While Holding.
  • Other Information⬇️
  • Use Low to Medium Flame (< 200° ) Only, Diamond Non-stick Cookware Conducts Heat Well & Fast.
  • Use Nylon or Wooden Utensils In Order Not To Damage The Non-stick Coating’s Surface.
  • FREE⬇️
  • Come Together With A Lid 
  • FREE German’s Bavarian Wooden Spatula Worth RM79

What's in the box

Non-stick 26cm Motoei Ceramic Frying Pan  ILAG®  Coating x1 , 26cm Non-sticks Coated Lid x 1, FREE GIFT German’s Bavarian Wooden Spatula