4Leaftea Royal Bloom Premium Baby Chrysanthemum Flower Tea 50g Teh Bunga Kekwa
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Product SKU 4LT-ROBL
Brand 4Leaftea
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 9 cm x 15 cm
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  • 4Leaftea Royal Bloom Premium Baby Chrysanthemum flowers have not bloomed,retains more nutrients than regular chrysanthemum flowers
  • All Natural - NO preservatives, NO additives, NO sulfur dioxide
  • High Grade Tea - Easily distinguished from other regular baby chrysanthemum teas that are of lower grade
  • Alleviates heatiness, constipation and quenches thirst - Good for hot weather
  • Reduces Stress - Baby chrysanthemum flower tea's calming aroma helps in relaxing after a full day of stress at work
  • Very low caffeine level, suitable for people who are caffeine intolerant
  • Good curative effect for dry eyes: Baby Chrysanthemum flower tea is very suitable for students / executives who always use electronic devices
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